Duties and Responsibilities of New Hampshire Teachers of Mathematics: Secretary


Attend and record the minutes for the four regularly scheduled board meetings throughout the school year, the business meeting at Spring conference and the summer retreat.

Distribute minutes of each board meeting to all board members via e-mail, if possible. 

Secure and maintain official records of NHTM.

Mathesis Articles


Attend and record the minutes for the full day or day and a half summer retreat for board members to discuss issues for the coming year. 

Email form to collect supervisory contact information and board roster information.


Compile and type board roster, including mailing addresses, email, and telephone information of all board members to distribute at Fall meeting.

October & November





Attend conference/section meeting: record minutes, attendance numbers, membership information, awards winners. Continuously review and  update current by-laws and constitution on web site.



Have prepared current copies of by-laws and constitution for new board members. 

Distribute pins to new board members. 

Write thank-you's for president addressed to board members' supervisors, submit to President for his/her signature and mail to appropriate supervisors.


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