Duties and Responsibilities of New Hampshire Teachers of Mathematics: Secondary Representative



• Attend four regularly scheduled board meetings throughout the school year, Spring conference and summer retreat

• Represent the concerns of the high school mathematics community in all activities associated with NHTM

• Promote the activities of NHTM to colleagues

• Promote High School Scholarship opportunity

• Write four articles for the Mathesis per year 

• Co-Chair  Evans  Award   process with Elementary Representative

• Coordinate dissemination of certificates for  Student Recognition program - 'Outstanding Mathematics Achievement'  - to NHTM members

Mathesis Articles

8/1, 11/1, 2/1, 5/1 - deadlines for submission


Attend full day or day and a half summer retreat for board members to discuss and plan activities for the coming year. 

Assist in planning the Autumn Professional Development.


October & November

Assist with Professional Development (registration and flow of day) for fall activity

Submit article, prepare form for Mathesis explaining the Student Recognition program due 11/1.

Coordinate with Elementary Representative materials for submission of Evans Award – in Mathesis and on web site

Assist in planning Secondary sessions for Spring Conference



Attend/submit names to nominations' committee (coordinated by President elect or Past President) meeting to determine slate for board elections. 

Write a special insert for the February issue of the Mathesis. (due 2/1)

Publicize NHTM Student recognition certificates (Mathesis/ website, etc.)


Co-Chair award committee to review applications and oversee selection of  recipients for the Evans Awards (Co-chair with Elementary Representative)

Duties include, notifying President, preparing/ ordering items for recognition at Spring conference  (i.e., secure check from Treasurer,  Honorary Membership card from Membership Chair, coordinate ordering of plaques)


Assist with Professional Development activities at conference and with regional coordinators      


Participate on award committee to review the applications and selection process for the recipient of the NHTM scholarship given to a high school senior.


Send NHTM student recognition certificates to schools/teachers requesting them.


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